Hypnobirthing and why I do it.

New Hypnobirthing Course in the Spring!

I will be starting a new course on 30th March 2019. 

This course will be over three Saturdays with two being 4 hours and the final one being 3 hours; with plenty of time to ask any questions.
This course is designed for pregnant women at 25 weeks to 35 weeks, although if you are different get in touch for a chat and I can advise what is best for you.

A useful excerpt from Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick Reid 1942

It is, in a way, an advertisement and if some women are persuaded by happy experience that they must give all women an opportunity of similar childbirth they have every right to use what methods they find most efficient for their purpose.


Natural childbirth is
FEARLESS childbirth
TRAINED childbirth
RELAXED childbirth
EASIER childbirth
SATISFYING childbirth

especially if a mother is helped to GIVE birth to her baby consciously without too much discomfort, instead of ‘being delivered’ while unconscious.


Natural childbirth is NOT necessarily painless childbirth.
Natural childbirth is NOT an endurance test. Anesthetic is used if needed or wanted.
Natural childbirth is NOT a failure if Anesthetic is used.
Natural childbirth is NOT a denial of the achievements of modern obstetrics.
Natural childbirth is NOT a step backwards.
Natural childbirth is NOT a denial of the importance of the doctor for physical care during pregnancy and labour, but a belief that psychological care is also important.
Natural childbirth is NOT hypnosis.
Natural childbirth is NOT connected with ‘birth control’ or ‘planned parenthood’.
Natural childbirth is NOT a cult, nor does it have any religious, political, or racial affiliation or bias.

The explanation of natural childbirth as herein expressed was prepared by the National Childbirth Association of Milwaukee and is reprinted with their kind permission.

**To avoid any confusion ensuing, hypnosis and hypnobirthing are different, hypnobirthing uses hypnosis techniques and I have been trained in both.

Hypnobirthing and courses. meandmary

My birth stories

I have two children and gave birth to them naturally. I had pain relief in the form of paracetamol and gas and air, aka Entonox, which is an odourless gas made up of half oxygen and half nitrous oxide. It’s also known as laughing gas. I also liked the nozzel you suck this through because you can clench down on it, if you want! 
I had read Hypnobirthing books by Marie Mongan and did a course with a Hypno-Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I was ready to give birth and did not want any other drugs or c-section!
My first labour was 21 hours, I got tired, as did my baby and I got help in the form of Syntocinon, the synthetic Oxytocin. This gave my body the extra umph, to birth my baby and a visit from my trusted Consultant Obstetrician! I stayed in Hospital overnight and got instructions on feeding and a health check of my baby.
My second labour was 4 hours with no overnight stay in hospital! I had a wonderfully empowering time on the big ball, forgot to get into the birthing pool and felt like I ruled the world afterwards! I used the gas and air, or laughing gas!, again and went with every contraction/surge that my body and baby had. When my baby boy arrived, the first thing he did was have a feed and do a pooh! I was told afterwards that he got his arm stuck and as I delivered him, it dislodged. I felt no pain and he was fine too!
It really is the best thing in a woman’s life, to give birth as she wants to.

What is it? Hypnobirthing……

Here is a useful excerpt from my course about what Hypnobirthing is;

Hypnobirthing isn’t teaching your body how to give birth. You don’t need to attend a course of any k,ind for that; your body and your baby already know how to bring that baby forth. What you are learning through hypnobirthing is how to gracefully step out of the way and let them get on with it.
That requires a few things:
Trust that your body and baby can do this
Confidence that you have the right people around you and you feel safe and comfortable enough to let go
Familiarity with that no-higher brain, no thinking, relaxed state that you can easily slip into and tune out distractions.

Hypnosis for childbirth uses self hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare mind and body for birth.

Hypnobirthing and courses. baby mary


Would you like to have your baby as relaxed as you can. The possibility to not have drugs? To learn what is happening to you body, gaining confidence so you give birth easily and bond with your baby happily as you both feel good about your experience.

Maybe you feel frightened of giving birth. (Most women do feel frightened, even a little, about giving birth.) Whenever we see it on tv or hear stories about it, it always involves fear and mothers in dreadful pain. Well meaning friends and relatives can tell their own stories about that involved pain and suffering. Sometimes, our own mothers may have experience of pain, suffering and embarrassment at birth. You do not need to feel this way, with the use of hypnobirthing I can help with the suffering in childbirth.

If you are planning a Cesarean, you can also come to the classes, no labour is in vain. Hypnobirthing will help you feel calm and relaxed about what you are facing.

I will be running Hypnobirthing Training sessions at John Storer House. You will receive handouts on the day and a set of 5 mp3’s that will be emailed to you. These will be of the hypnosis we have used in the class, so you can practice at home and to use when you give birth and post-natally.

Light refreshments will be provided. The course will start at 10am and finish at 11.30am each Saturday. You and your partner can attend or you can come alone. 

I provide bespoke hypnobirthing classes on a one to one basis in my counselling room. These include treatment for a planned c-section, turning your baby to optimum position, any pregnancy related sickness. There is also provided a mp3 of the hypnosis used.

Relaxing and calm, using your natural energy to birth.


Mother and partner/birth partner £250

Mother £190

Hypnobirthing and courses. mums helper

How the course will run

Week 1
Introduction to hypnobirthing, Birth Partners Involvement, Course Aims and Objectives, Fears and Expectations of Birth, Fear Tension Cycle, Breathing and Relaxation including Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Part 2
Anxiety Management and Mental Preparation, What is hypnosis, Visualisation, The hormones of birth and hypnosis, Conditions for birth, The ideal mental state, De-hypnotising and Re-framing, 

Week 2
Active Stage 1 Labour and Managing Discomfort, The location of birth, Naturally starting labour, Latent and active stages of labour, Discomfort Management, Anchoring, 

Part 2
Transition Stage of Labour & Stage 2 Labour, Baby’s experience of Birth, Transitional Stage, Stage 2 Labour, Positions for birthing and labour, Birth Partners Involvement.

Week 3
Stage 3 and Adjustment to Parenthood, Believing you can do it, When it doesn’t go according to plan, Birthrights, Post-Natal benefits of hypnosis, Stage 3 – birthing the placenta, Breastfeeding. 

Affirmation Cards are provided.

MP3s are provided of the hypnosis used, this is for home practice and can be played on your mobile phone.

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